The scprime® process capability framework is based on a set of process definitions which give a comprehensive view of best practice across the supply chain, enabling benchmarking to take place and improvements to be generated. The structure is modular so that it can be easily applied to different entities. There are a number of profiles within each functional area and a particular organisation or business unit can assemble the appropriate profiles to reflect its own functions.

scprime® can be used in various ways to support different business needs:

  • A quick assessment of operations against cross-industry best practice. Rapid, one-off improvement actions can then be put in place
  • Customised to a company’s needs to form the basis of a long term improvement programme
  • Where specific problem areas are known, the appropriate profiles can be used to understand the causes of the problems and how to resolve them
  • Where operations are being merged, the profiles can be used to identify differences between ways of working and what is required to standardise and raise both parties to the same level of performance
  • For large systems implementations the profiles can be used to understand how different parts of a business really operate, and to standardise and raise process standards to enable the implementation

The profiles are split into elements, each describing aspects of a process at various levels of excellence. The elements are fact-based, not subjective, and they allow easy and unambiguous scoring. The process definitions are at a detailed level and reflect regularly-updated best practice based on real experience. These definitions have been developed over the past twenty years, across a multitude of sectors including consumer goods, retail, pharmaceuticals, beverages, aerospace, telecoms, automotive, industrial and utilities. They allow a thorough and objective assessment of strengths and weaknesses across operations, regionally or globally.

At the heart of scprime® is an ‘improvement cycle’ which results in an assessment report showing scores per function and per profile, against agreed company targets.

Action plans are then developed and monitored in line with agreed strategic aims. A review process of the agreed actions will ensure the improvements have been implemented and embedded. scprime® focuses on driving improvements, which are both functional and cross functional, delivering a direct positive impact on the company’s finances.