scprime® is Crimson & Co’s powerful improvement approach, combining process and people capabilities to ensure that the right people are in the right jobs, consistently doing the right things.

Based on benchmarking, an objective assessment of capability and a toolkit of implementation techniques, it defines supply chain excellence in terms that are meaningful to each specific organisation and ensures that improvements are sustainable. The content is comprehensive and up to date, but it is how it is applied that really sets scprime® apart.

The supply chain keeps evolving, and so does scprime®. This is our third edition in 18 months; the people capability section is brand new content, showing a snapshot of the fully-complete material and explaining how it can be used, and all process benchmarks have been refreshed and are up to date.

Contact us for a complimentary copy of the latest edition of our scprime® book RRP £45.


Phil Mason

scprime® leader