Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics involves using sophisticated data science approaches and techniques including artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data and business intelligence to better understand and solve complex business problems.

Harnessing the value within your data

For years, sales and operations have generated vast volumes of data which is still largely unexploited. Relying on its industry expertise and data analytics capabilities, Crimson & Co helps clients better collect, interpret and exploit this data to bring them a competitive edge.

The democratisation of artificial intelligence and machine learning, which give computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed, allows companies now to better understand and act upon the valuable information hidden within their data.

Encompassing all techniques and fields of data science

By combining the latest techniques in the different fields of data science, our teams of data scientists and consultants can help you better understand and report on past performance as well as better model and predict the future.

Our approach to Advanced Analytics ensures that data is not only used to solve business problems, but that the organisation is transformed to use data on an ongoing basis.


Our Advanced Analytics capabilities are broad. We have large scale analytics capabilities, with experience of predictive modelling, complex correlation analysis and advanced visualisation. We use different technologies including business intelligence solutions like PowerBI, big data platforms such as Dataiku and in-house machine learning algorithms. Our Advanced Analytics experience is extensive and our clients include: Cdiscount, SNCF, Siniat, Fives, Michelin, PSA and Bricomarche.

Bringing the digital revolution to operations

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