Project management

Project management has its basis in the principles of Prince 2 but has been developed through our experience of working with clients throughout the world. We try to keep the process as simple as possible and follow four key stages from project initiation to completion and handover. Within each stage we use a variety of proven tools to ensure effective planning and execution of the project, and each stage has a completion checklist to ensure the correct disciplines are being followed. You can find out a little more about these four phases by clicking the relevant area below:


Contracting to Mobilisation


Mobilisation, PLAN, milestones, deliverables


DO, CHECK, ACT, to completion


REVIEW, handover, exit

Initiate This is where the viability of the proposed project is determined. The scope of the project is defined along with the approach to be taken to deliver the desired outputs. All parties must be clear about why the project is needed, what it intends to achieve and what individual responsibilities are in that achievement.

Project Management Toolbox

To support our disciplined approach to managing the project lifecycle we have also developed a range of best practice tools. We see these tools as the building blocks of successful project management as at the relevant stage of the project they can be used to ensure the correct identification of issues and the robust planning of actions as well as keeping track of successful delivery. We refer to these building blocks as the ‘Project Management Toolbox’ and they fall into the categories shown below:

Within each toolbox area there are a number of techniques and templates available. Depending upon the size and complexity of a project we will select a number of these, meaning that each deployment can be made unique to a client’s situation. We keep the ‘Project Management Toolbox’ updated using our experiences and learnings from a wide variety of projects across numerous industries around the world. If you would like more detailed information regarding our tools and techniques and how they can be used to support your project, please contact us.

Proven capability

Case study: The client, a £70m subsidiary of a leisure sector group, needed to successfully execute a newly developed three year business plan across its 70+ sites. The core of the business plan was the delivery of aggressive revenue growth, significant cost reduction and wide ranging business change within short time horizons. Crimson & Co was engaged to project manage the change programme, facilitating multiple work streams across the whole business. The project objectives were split into 16 key work streams each with their own project charter, deliverables and project leader. Buy-in was gained via a launch programme using site level kick off workshops, followed up by regular updates through site champions. The delivery of the individual workstreams was supported by regular work stream reviews, weekly overall project updates and monthly steering meetings, linked to a full company communication program. This project management approach enabled the focused delivery of 123 major changes in 6 months, rapid identification and resolution of issues and a high level of business commitment.