How mature are your Advanced Planning System (APS) enabled processes?

You and your peers widely deploy Advanced Planning and Scheduling Systems (APS). They look great on paper. But are you, like many leaders, still yet to see the transformational benefits you have read and heard about? APS systems have the potential to radically improve the performance ...

Why robots aren’t packing much yet

Robots are getting great at picking things up but not yet so great at putting them down… My role involves helping clients sort through emerging technology applied to the supply chain space. A lot of my work these days is focused on robots. While robots from companies like Invia, ...

The demise of formal supply chain planning… and what’s next

It’s time to pay our respects to the timely passing of an old friend. That’s right; traditional supply chain planning is crawling towards its end.  Now it’s time to prepare our supply chain planning with a lighter, more responsive touch, one that can better meet the needs of today’s ...

Crimson & Co sponsors MODEX 2020 event, Atlanta

In no time in my 30-year career has there been more innovation fighting to get into our mature but reliable supply chains. The MODEX show in Atlanta was a great way to see some of this in action and more importantly to talk to people who are developing it, using it, and assessing it. It’s

To thrive and survive, retailers need to be at the top of their game…

In a period of increased uncertainty, with Brexit and poor exchange rates unsettling both customers and investors, it’s no surprise that retail has been heavily affected. It can be suggested that the industry currently sits in a state of flux, with challenges presented on all sides. ...


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