News (2015)

Bromley Healthcare recruits Crimson & Co to help reduce unnecessary hospital admissions by enhancing efficiency

Community healthcare provider Bromley Healthcare has today announced it has recruited global supply chain consultancy Crimson & Co to undertake a full review of processes in order to drive greater efficiencies in its intensive at-home clinical service, the medical response team ...

Calais disruption reveals the need for UK businesses to adopt strong risk strategies

The continuing disruption British businesses face from the Calais crisis highlights the need for strong risk strategies, says Nick Miller, head of FMCG at global supply chain consultancy Crimson & Co. In light of this, Nick urges all businesses to carry out a thorough review of ...

Managing complexity in the supply chain – The Drinks Business

It is very easy to over-complicate things. When it comes to the complexities of the supply chain, the wrong approach can lead to frustration, inefficiency and wasted effort. We have all seen how poor supply chain management can result in too broad a supplier base, low stock ...

Supply chain scrutiny key to tackling campylobacter threat – Supply Management

A recent report from the Food Standards Agency (FSA) stated 73 per cent of supermarket chickens contain the potentially killer bug campylobacter. The major supermarket chains have quite rightly announced actions they will be taking to address the risk this bug represents. To ensure ...

Amazon Prime Now will force retailers to reassess existing delivery strategies

The success of Amazon’s new one-hour delivery service will depend on a number of factors, notably product availability, as well as the customer’s willingness to pay inflated delivery prices to secure a product and have it in their hands within 60 minutes, says Jon Gibson, Head of ...


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