The Drinks Business Awards 2015 - February 2015

We are delighted to announce that we have introduced a series of new awards, recognising outstanding achievement in various aspects of the supply chain in association with The Drinks Business.

Crimson & Co will judge entrants in new categories including awards for Supply Chain Innovations in each of the Beer, Wine and Spirits sectors as well as an overall Best Supplier Collaboration Project.

Crispin Mair, Director at Crimson & Co, explains the value of drawing attention to this corner of the drinks industry. ‘Supply chain dynamics in the drinks sector have changed in the last few years. The pace of product churn has increased to equal that of FMCGs and drinks companies have had to respond accordingly.

‘There are some great examples of drinks companies out there where a serious effort has been made in re-configuring their supply chain operations and those of their suppliers. They are role models for the future of the drinks sector and we felt that they should be recognised as such.’

With Crimson & Co bringing its expertise to the judging process, Crispin outlines the key criteria required for success in these new categories.

‘The qualities we will look for in the collaboration award are partnership, mutual benefit and sustainability in cost reduction. We would expect both the drinks company and its supplier to see collaboration as central to their supply chain strategies and be able to demonstrate this.’

Meanwhile, the supply chain innovation awards will consider the specific needs of both the on- and off-trade sectors of the beer industry, with similarly independent focus being given to both wine and spirits entries.

Turning to these categories, Crispin comments: ‘We are not expecting to see that brand new supply chain concepts have been implemented, but rather that a business has adapted concepts from outside its own business to  make a change for the better. We are interested in qualities such as awareness of new ideas, pragmatism in using them and clarity on the benefits the change has brought.’

Entries for the drinks business Awards 2015 are now open. To enter please visit The Drinks Business.






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