‘Tis the season for consumers to click & collect, says Crimson & Co - October 2014

The battle lines for dominance of the Christmas consumer trade are already being drawn according to Nick Miller, Head of FMCG at Crimson & Co.

Nick states that in order for retailers to stay ahead of competitors, businesses must be prepared to forge new relationships with unconventional partners that ultimately provide them with alternative means in order to service the needs of customers.

Nick’s comments come in light of news last week that online retailer Amazon have struck a deal with Smiths News to offer a same-day collection service. Nick says that this Christmas could potentially see click & collect replace home delivery services as the preferred delivery method for consumers. While this move will no-doubt be welcomed by retailers keen to do away with overly complicated delivery strategies, it’s imperative they use this opportunity to re-evaluate existing supply chains and source partnerships which ultimately provide greater convenience for the consumer.

‘Meeting consumer demand at Christmas is always a testing time for retailers and can put huge strains on an organisations supply chain, particularly when it comes to deliveries. If orders are missed or do not reach the consumer in time it can potentially have disastrous effects on the reputation, and even long term future of a business. Click & collect has really taken off in the UK, and is fast becoming the delivery method of choice for most retailers. The appeal of click & collect is that it puts convenience back in the hands of the consumer and with this in mind we expect the market for retailers offering this service to become quite competitive, especially in the run up to Christmas,’ says Nick.download full film Sugarbabies

‘While the growth of click & collect has been a welcome one for retailers it is by no-means a full-proof plan. For those organisations looking to embrace it, it’s imperative that they review their existing supply chains and source partnerships, which compliment their business.

‘Local convenience stores and newsagents provide a great outlet which are easily accessible for consumers but the more savvy retailers will look for other avenues in order to gain market share over competitors.

‘Offices, schools and train stations provide outlets which are convenient for consumers and for those retailers looking to gain competitive advantage, these are the sorts of places they need to be targeting and source relationships with suppliers who can leverage this in order to maximise convenience for the customer, which ultimately provide profit for the retailer,’ concludes Nick.

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