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Big data and 3D printing set to reform supply chains in 2014

The rise of ‘big data’ to the mainstream and emergence of 3D printing will be two of the big issues affecting supply chains leaders in 2014, says Richard Powell, Managing Director and co-founder of Crimson & Co. The rise of ‘big data’ to the mainstream and emergence of 3D printing ...

You’ve landed a big contract – now what? – The Guardian

Crimson & Co is proud to announce Director Richard Powell’s comments in an article on big contracts in the Guardian national newspaper. The rewards of landing a big contract are plentiful – but the preparation needs to be thorough. Without it, the dangers are anything from losing ...

Mindset over skillset – Business Today

‘It is much easier to teach skills and so much harder to change behavioral competencies,’ says Peter Garnett, Head of Procurement at Crimson & Co in an article published in Business Today. ‘The idea of hiring candidates based on ‘mindset over skillset’ is not a new notion. It is, ...

Health checking procurement in the NHS – Health & Social Care Reform

Crimson & Co is proud to announce Head of Procurement Peter Garnett’s response to the latest procurement development programme for the NHS; ‘Better Procurement, Better Value, Better Care.’ In an article in Health & Social Care Reform online, Peter expresses that ...

Supply chain, starting over again – Drapers Magazine

Crimson & Co is pleased to announce Head of Logistics Jon Gibson’s comments in a feature on reverse logistics in the fashion business magazine Drapers. Dealing with a high volume of clothing returns is an expensive business for multichannel retailers. The average rate of clothing ...


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