Financial Times UK’s Leading Management Consultants 2020

We are delighted to once again be recognised as one of the UK’s leading management consultants by the Financial Times. The results are compiled by market data provider Statista. Consultants’ work is assessed across 29 categories and results are based on two surveys — one giving ...

Point of Sale: Shaping personalised customer experiences

Madan Murphy, Director at Crimson & Co ANZ, discusses how delivering a personalised shopping experience can lead to an increase in ROI. Read the full article in APAC CIO outlook here.  Share: LinkedinTwitte

Crimson & Co partner with Kinaxis at the Singapore Supply Chain Innovation Summit

Crimson & Co held their first partnership exhibit with Kinaxis at Singapore’s Supply Chain Innovation Summit; an international conference exploring the global trends and risks that are set to face the supply chain in the future. Held on 19-20th November 2019 at the Novotel ...

Crimson & Co and Kinaxis partner to drive digital supply chain transformation

Crimson & Co, the global management consultancy that specialises in operations transformation, and Kinaxis®, the leader in empowering people to make confident supply chain decisions, are partnering to bridge the digital transformation gap, turning strategic intent into ...

One-number forecasting

Simon Clarke examines the challenges and potential approaches that promote alignment of different functional groups in forecasting. Previously, I shared the importance of being clear about the purpose of the forecast and ensuring it aligns with the organisational mission. In this ...

How supply chain planning is coming of age a new look, autonomous meritocracy is the key to success

It is time to forget everything you know about supply chain planning. The hierarchical roles, the linear processes, the ageing frameworks. We have been living in a 1980’s APS software paradigm time warp, and it’s time to let it go. It’s true that digitisation has ...

“Global transformation with a hard edge: transforming a supply chain in the face of new customer strategies, price pressures, a talent gap and natural disasters!”

Crimson & Co UK held its Spring Client Alumni dinner at The Goring Hotel, London on Thursday 9th May. Our 21st dinner provided an opportunity for clients from Oil, Consumer products, Packaging, the Big pharma and wider Life Sciences, FMCG and drinks industries, to network and ...

Celerity Supply Chain Awards

Ravikant Parvataneni, CEO of Crimson & Co India, was recently part of the jury panel for the Celerity Supply Chain Awards 2019 held on the 6th August in Mumbai. The awards recognised under 40 super achievers, and under 30 superstars. Ravikant was part of the jury panel alongside ...

Forecasting with a purpose – context is crucial

In Simon’s previous article he shared some of the typical areas where forecasting opportunities can be found. Before taking a deeper dive into what these are, and what to do about them, it is important to first take a moment to reflect on the purpose of a forecast. A forecast ...

Automation hybrid solutions- delivering real efficiency, fast.

DC Automation is an important consideration for large consumer goods companies and retailers in Australia, following heavy investment in highly automated distribution centres.  Recently, Woolworths has invested over $400 million on its new Dandenong DC and Coles will invest a total of ...

Future imperfect: why forecasting still matters and what we can do to improve

For several decades’ companies have attempted to optimize procurement, manufacturing, inventory and distribution decisions using forecasts. Despite significant investments in the development of people and technology capability, results have been disappointing. In one of the few ...

The times they are a changing

Let’s face it: it’s a new dawn. Supply chain is on the brink of wholesale change. Users now expect real time knowledge, tailored solutions- delivered digitally, with structural operations simmering as a result. I have had lots of conversations with supply chain Directors and ...

Assessing flow management to increase capacity

As supply chain leaders continue to look to improve costs and agility in their operations and networks, there may be an untapped solution right under the surface of existing business practices: flow management. Flow management can unlock additional throughput and capacity in existing ...

Why supply chain planning matters

It seems like almost every day that we hear of an emerging development in the global trade environment, whether it be the fallout of US-China trade talks, United-States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) or Brexit. This is, however, only one of the key trends that is affecting the supply ...

“Bringing the digital revolution to operations: challenges and rewards”

The Crimson & Co ANZ team were delighted to host their recent autumn Client Alumni events in Sydney and Melbourne, giving the chance to bring together supply chain executives from across Australia. Crimson & Co Client Alumni is an invite-only network for clients and former ...

The Ecommerce Operations Summit 2019: Summary & Sessions

The summit at a glance This year’s Ecommerce Operations Summit  three day event held April 9–11, 2019 in Columbus, OH. Joining me on the trip was Consultant Rachel Patel. There were several learning events offsite; where I spoke at a roundtable (Robotic Choices for the Warehouse: From ...

Crimson & Co nominated for two MCA Awards 2019

We had a wonderful time attending the Management Consultancies Association’s 2019 award ceremony which celebrates the best consultancy examples in the UK, in both the private and public sector. The event is always a highlight in the consultancy calendar, with over 21 award categories. ...

Annual SDI Executive Leadership Forum (SELF19)

Annual SDI Executive Leadership Forum (SELF19) At this year’s SDI Executive Leadership Forum, Bob Oullette  co-presented with Carter’s Peter Kok, VP Global Supply Chain Management in Las Vegas. They discussed a proven approach for eCommerce organisations to use when  preparing a ...

Don’t rage against the machine!

Last year, one of our data scientists in our Paris office trained a machine learning algorithm to play the supply chain beer game – the classic training exercise where players reenact management of the supply chain. The robot was fed thousands of different possible scenarios and ...

Supply chain in performance networking event

Michel Savini recently spoke at the SCIP (Supply Chain In Performance) Networking event..

Peak season 2019: The key stages and implementation steps to consider

Part 1: Operational assessment It is mid-February and there is one thing our consultants know happens every year: companies around the world are finishing up their analysis regarding how they performed during peak season 2018, because we all know a peak season can be 30-50% of your ...


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