S&OP needs to direct the entire E2E supply chain, from crop to glass, in order to correctly drive customer service, agility and investment allocations. Effective S&OP processes are driven by the most senior executives and are embedded in operational functions so that they become the drumbeat of the supply chain planning cycle.

Implementing and embedding S&OP successfully involves changing executive behaviour so that key decisions are made within the process. This presents challenges in global drinks businesses where significant cultural alignment may be needed to achieve a harmonious approach.

Involving the correct supply chain functions in S&OP is also instrumental to success. Drinks companies who need to have end-to-end visibility from crop to glass need to think outside the box about who to include.

S&OP is an essential input to investment strategy and the key driver of value going forward.

Our clients say…

“We needed to get the newly-formed supply chain function aligned to the end markets. The project helped us achieve this, implementing a fully functional S&OP process in just six months!”

Operations Director, Global Beverages

Client successes

  • Designed and implemented an S&OP process for a global beverages company across all six of its commercial regions, including Asia and Africa.
  • Supported the UK S&OP implementation for a global brewer, reducing obsolescence and improving event planning.
  • Undertook rapid S&OP implementation for a dairy company, mentoring its executive team to secure buy-in and compliance.
  • Reinvigorated S&OP for a global wine company.

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