End to end planning

The competitiveness of a drinks supply chain derives from optimising costs, availability and speed to market. This can only be achieved when the supply chain is managed end to end, from crop to glass.

Many drinks producers have a strategic need to control the majority of their raw materials right back to their source. Management of a vertically integrated supply chain requires visibility, control and traceability of inventory from crop to glass.

Furthermore, as global customer bases shift with changes in affluence, there has been an explosion of geographies, channels and packs to serve. Demand driven innovation and increasing retailer specific packaging have led to a huge amount of product variance.

Drinks supply chains are typically de-coupled into bulk production with the focus being on tight control over demand / supply balancing, twinned with an agile packaging operation close to the end market.

Within this framework, items need to be segmented at each production stage, and assigned with appropriate inventory management policies. Operations need to be planned against demonstrated rates and the latest view of capacities and operating calendars.

Complex global supply chain networks require a central planning control tower approach, which can harness locally developed product designs and customer needs with the capabilities and constraints of the global supply network.

Client successes

  • Designed and implemented a centralised planning operating model (processes, systems, organisation, KPIs) for a global drinks company, enabling integrated planning from crop to end market.
  • Designed and implemented an S&OP process for a global beverages company across all six of its commercial regions, including Asia and Africa.
  • Supported the UK S&OP implementation for a global brewer, reducing obsolescence and improving event planning.
  • Developed operational improvement programmes for wineries, distilleries, packaging and bottlers across the world.

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End to end planning