The mind-sets and behavioural skills required to manage an agile supply chain are very different from the ‘lean’ drinks supply chains of old.

The focus of business capabilities needs to be shifted from the back end of the supply chain to the front.

Just having world class processes is not enough. The supply chain leaders of the future understand the symbiosis of people and process, and work hard to make sure that their people’s capability and personality types are aligned to roles that they are being asked to fulfil.

Capabilities need to be measured against the needs of the organisation at a functional and role level. The challenge for most companies is the frequency with which they should revisit this and the remedial action they should take. For many, the first instinct is to cover gaps with training – this is futile unless it is supported by measurable in-role development, opportunities for varied functional experience and a supportive line management culture.

There is often insufficient rigour in demanding return on investment in training and development. Few companies target individuals with quantifiable improvement and demand delivery of it.

Alignment is key to using your people to develop your supply chain. The organisation needs to be agreed on the end goal and the way of achieving it. The same success measures need to be applied throughout to drive consistent quality outputs.

Client successes

  • The scprime® capabilities toolkit was used to fill roles within a new centralised global planning organisation, assessing capabilities gaps, designing and delivering training to ensure a vertical ramp up at go-live.
  • Created a supply chain academy courses for several international beverages companies.

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