Latest Events

Crimson & Co UK held its Spring Client Alumni dinner at The Goring Hotel, London on Thursday 9th May. Our 21st dinner provided an opportunity for clients from Oil, Consumer products, Packaging, the Big pharma and wider Life Sciences, FMCG and drinks industries, to network and catch-up over pre-dinner drinks and hear more about Iain’s challenges in the packaging industry.

Our guest speaker was Iain Percival, Global Managing Director of Essentra Packaging, a truly global division within the wider Essentra Group.  Iain shared some great insights with us on his journey in leading the transformation of his full end-to-end supply chain. The rich mix of challenges has included production footprint changes, site rationalisation, core manufacturing capability re-alignment, bolstered capital expenditure, significant changes in customer segment strategy, site recovery from destruction due to natural disasters, and organisational and cultural challenges. Through all of this, Iain has maintained a focus on building, attracting and retaining leadership talent. Many of these issues resonated with the audience and the discussion provided valuable insights and lessons for other industries.

A huge thank you to Iain, and all our Client Alumni members who made this a wonderful evening.

The Crimson & Co ANZ team were delighted to host their recent autumn Client Alumni events in Sydney and Melbourne, giving the chance to bring together supply chain executives from across Australia.

Crimson & Co Client Alumni is an invite-only network for clients and former clients aimed at fostering supply chain, operations and business leadership. With attendance from many prestigious attendees, our first autumn event was held on the 27th March at the stunning Establishment Hotel in Sydney.
The evening featured two talks; firstly from our Sydney partner David Bissett which was shortly followed by a presentation from our guest speaker Rajeev Mitroo.

David discussed how our digital teams put a high focus on the impact of digital on the performance of operations. David also shared examples of how the Argon Consulting and Crimson & Co teams’ experience has helped clients to apply the best innovations in the Internet of Things, Advanced Analytics and Robotic Process Automation to improve their competitiveness. David then went on to share three practical examples; real-time global tracking of containers for the automotive industry, robotic process automation for a customer service centre of a global drinks client and advanced demand planning and forecasting for a global grocery retailer.

Our guest speaker for the evening was Rajeev Mitroo, VP and Managing Director at Aera technologies, a cloud-based supply chain intelligence software solutions company. Rajeev shared his thoughts on how digital innovation would impact the performance of operations currently, as well as in the future, with supply chains continuing to emerge at a fast pace. We would like to thank Rajeev and all our attendees who throughout the course of the evening engaged in invaluable networking, discussions and debates.

Next up to host our event on the 28th March was the chic Royce Hotel in Melbourne where guests once again had a great opportunity to meet the broader Crimson & Co team and enjoyed the opportunity to network with industry peers and the talks alongside a three-course dinner.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our attendees and Rajeev for making these events so successful, and we look forward to hosting the next Client Alumni evening.

Annual SDI Executive Leadership Forum (SELF19)

At this year’s SDI Executive Leadership Forum, Bob Oullette  co-presented with Carter’s Peter Kok, VP Global Supply Chain Management in Las Vegas. They discussed a proven approach for eCommerce organisations to use when  preparing a fulfilment operation for peak season (timely with this four-part series from Bob on assessing, designing and planning for your next peak season.)

There was much discussion about the topic both during and after the presentation.


Key  topics at the conference included:

  • Speed to customer
  • Maximising automation’s potential
  • Managing customer returns


Crimson & Co North America worked with SDI in 2017 and 2018, to help two mutual and very important clients. Bob and the entire team are hot on the trail for the next engagement.



Michel Savini, who leads Crimson & Co’s digital offer in the UK, recently spoke at the SCIP (Supply Chain In Performance) Networking event, hosted by Prof. Jan Godsell for the Warwick Manufacturing Group. The topic of the event was ‘Supply Chain 4.0’.

Our vision of Supply Chain 4.0 rests upon 4 pillars:

  • Connectivity: to collect data from the end-to-end supply chain for increased visibility. One of the key technologies in this area is the Internet of Things, or IoT, as it allows data to be extracted in a simple and cost-effective way.
  • Automation: first, physical flows, starting with increasingly automated warehouses and extending to driverless deliveries. And second, processes, especially mundane tasks so staff can focus on added-value ones. This is made possible by Robotic Process Automation, or RPA, a key technology which is rapidly being adopted to digitise back and front-office work.
  • Predictivity: the more data we collect, the more data we need to process. Part of it can be done through automation, but part of it needs some cognitive input. This is where machine learning can help us really exploit that trove of data that many companies are sitting on today, without really using it.
  • Security: the last pillar is usually thought of it exactly in that order, the last one. Cyber security is finally becoming a big subject even if there is still a long way to go. Blockchain, is the other important technology here as it works as a shared and secured repository of all transactions and an enabler to ‘smart contracts’.

Crimson & Co then gave concrete examples of ongoing projects where these different technologies are being used by Crimson & Co’s clients to build their Supply Chain 4.0.