Insider’s view

Here is an 'insider's view' of people who work for Crimson & Co and their personal experiences:

I’ve been a consultant with Crimson for 18 months and had the opportunity to work with lots of clients across a number of sectors to develop my supply chain skills. It’s been a great experience, I couldn’t have asked for more.

I feel really lucky to have found a group as unique as Crimson to work with. The diversity of clients and assignments means that I'm constantly developing new skills, working with different people and finding new ways to challenge myself.

I couldn’t have asked for a better start to my time with Crimson. I’ve had the chance to develop my skills with plenty of client contact in addition to some great training, and my colleagues are not only supportive but good fun too!

I moved to the UK from Australia with a view to developing my career and gain some European experience. On joining Crimson & Co I was very interested in working oversees and within the first 18 months I had worked in Poland, Russia, Venezuela and the UK. The client base provides great global supply chain opportunities with some really unique challenges. The team is extremely supportive and fun to work with, and there is a constant drive to deliver excellent results for the client from every level of the organisation.

One of my most inspirational moments whilst working for Crimson & Co was when we were selected by BAT to develop a major global cross-supply chain improvement initiative. I feel we were selected as we demonstrated complete confidence in our 'Supply Chain Excellence' material and approach. The Crimson & Co culture is one which prides itself on delivering the highest possible quality of work and I feel that our professionalism stands out as a result of this.

Even as a relatively new Consultant with Crimson & Co, I’d worked on some challenging and interesting projects. The culture is one in which I am encouraged to excel and the company has great people, a really good team spirit and I feel proud to work for Crimson & Co.

We all enjoy spending time together, we have fun and really enjoy what we do. Clients comment on how enjoyable we are to work with, which I think is largely due to the fact that we are honest and open, as well as maintaining objectivity and having a high sense of integrity.