Crimson Compass

Crimson Compass

The Crimson Compass provides a framework that consultants of all levels and experience can use to guide their career within Crimson & Co. It has been developed to meet our clients’ quality requirements whilst providing clarity for our consultants. It is specifically designed to:

  • Allow individuals to identify development areas and plot a potential career path
  • Provide a framework for discussions between the individual and their staff manager
  • Allow the business to refine its resourcing plan to ensure the capabilities within Crimson & Co match our own and our clients’ needs

We recognise that people are different. We embrace those differences and encourage our consultants to pursue the right career path for themselves, and we support and remunerate accordingly.

People have different interests and capabilities, whether technical, business development or managerial. Crimson & Co has developed the Crimson Compass to meet all these interests and provide our consultants with every opportunity to excel.

The Crimson Compass comprises a variety of consulting roles and specialist grades and outlines the expectations for each.