Advanced planning and scheduling

Advanced planning and scheduling

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Advanced planning and scheduling (APS) systems can deliver huge benefits for businesses, improving customer service, reducing transport costs and inventory, improving asset and staff utilisation, increasing profit and improving internal communication.

We advise companies on the selection and implementation of APS systems. Following our independent selection process that takes into consideration system functionality, the business environment and the impact on staff, we make sure that our clients choose the best solution for their business.

A successful programme goes beyond the technical aspects of an APS system, ensuring it is fully integrated into the organisation and optimising key trade-offs. Using our Assess Design Embed™ transformation approach, we make sure that the right transformation decisions are made at the right time by the right people. This generates better and faster results with sustained change and lower risk.

We typically help our clients realise the following business wide benefits: 20% reduction in working capital, 6% reduction in logistics costs, 5% increase in customer service and up to 3% decrease in cost of goods sold.

The results of the 2016 Insight report ‘APS Revolution’ have been particularly revealing

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Selecting and implementing a new APS system can have business wide benefits

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